Soul Circus

Soul Circus asks:

What does it mean to participate in the Eucharist?

What is sacred to you?

How is ritual relevant?

How should we respond?

Come and be part of it.

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Norwich Cathedral

Sunday 1st May 2016


All welcome

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Continuing into 2016 Soul Circus will be presenting a monthly event at Norwich Cathedral. The aim is to create a worship service that is rooted in the reality of how we approach life and the divine. Discovering those things that are useful to us, the words that say something about us, the music that expresses our hearts and lifts us and lets us bleed. We want to connect with faith: its relevance, it's purpose, its usefulness in our post-modern, post-church culture. And we want to come together in the shared reassurance and hope of community.

Danger - 1st May 2016

Tales of the Unexpected - 3rd April 2016

Community - 6th March 2016

Slumber - 7th February 2016

Future - 6th December 2015

Memory - 1st November 2015

Boundless - 27th September 2015

The Lord's Prayer - 17th May 2015

The Lord’s prayer describes the very essence of our faith and yet so often we mumble it automatically during the course of worship. Through the framework of a multi-sensory Holy Communion Soul Circus offers an opportunity to dwell in The Lord’s Prayer, to see it afresh and contemplate its meaning in our own lives.

Sunday 17th May, 6.30pm but come along early to soak up the atmosphere.

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Masked - Reflections from the service

Masked - 25th January 2015

Taking what we learnt from our "Shared" service we find ourselves looking at the masks we all wear. Do we hide ourselves? Do we hide from ourselves? Are we afraid of what people might see? Are we protecting the world from our inner selves or are we keeping something back that's too precious to share?

Let's explore these things through the Eucharist, through prayer and confession, through music and song. Spend time with us making and exploring masks from 6pm on Sunday 25th January.

Shared - 23rd November 2014

The services will be shaped by those who come along. They will evolve as we discover what worship looks like for us, for these people, for this community. 

We hope to bring music, songs, words that help us find our way to the bread and wine.

We will dress the space to engage all our senses, to be other-worldy, to shine alternative lights on our traditions because that expresses part of who we are.

We aim to come together, with all of ourself present and intact, into the love of God and the hope of faith and see where that takes us.

Join us at Norwich Cathedral on Sunday the 23rd November at 6pm. 

All are welcome, all ages, faiths and persuasions, come and be part of it.